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what is dpi?

What is DPI? 

DPI, or dots per inch is the terminology used when describing the resolution of a printed image. It indicates the number of dots in a printed inch. The image is of higher quality (in sharpness and detail), if the image has a high dpi value. This term is often misused, as when someone asks for a 300dpi quality image or graphic, they usually mean 300ppi.

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project showcase: golden tickets

The Print Group have worked with a few clients to create eye-catching golden tickets! The first golden ticket was designed for Kimberley Park State School and offered to students as recipients of good behaviour in the school. Their golden ticket was accompanied by a stunning Principals Award certificate which also offered the gold foiling in the design.

Our good friends at VELG Training also created a golden ticket in their recent mail out to training organisations with an A5 flyer.

Both tickets were printed on 250gsm IP board with a stunning gold foil, with the text simply reversed out of the gold foil. As a result the text is slightly raised which creates an impressive result on the finished product.

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what does DL mean?

What does DL mean?

The term DL actually refers to the DL Envelope size which is 110mm x 220mm. The term DL Flyer is actually the incorrect name for a flyer that inserts into a DL Envelope. These flyers are 1/3 of an A4 which is 99mm x 210mm. The team at The Print Group have named this sized flyer - DL Lite.

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checking your print proof

A print proof is a one-off sample of your print job and will always be the closest sample possible to the finished product – depending of course, on the project. While a print proof will never be an exact match (especially when it comes to colour matching), it will be detailed enough regarding layout to check for errors before your file is sent to the printing press.

Checking a print proof is a great way to review layout and check for errors that can certainly get missed when you have only viewed the design on-screen. Use our tips and advice below, and you can master your proofing skills and pick up those errors and inconsistencies before it is too late!

A good print company will always pre-flight your file in their design program to pick up on any critical errors in your design such as images, colour, bleed, crop marks, text to close to the edge and so on. But it’s always good to know what you are looking out for in your final checks of your artwork. So find a quiet space, take your time and remember – attention to detail is everything!

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what is perfect binding?

Perfect binding is a process where a wrap around book cover and single pages are bound together using an adhesive. The pages are stacked together, then the edges are roughened, flattened, and attached inside the cover at the spine using an adhesive.

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