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8 tips on creating professional email signatures

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Creating a well-designed, professional email signature is important for your business, but is quite often overlooked as a great way to promote to your clients and prospects. Creating a professional and well branded email signature should be an essential component to any company’s marketing strategy.
Here are our 8 tips on creating a professional email signature:


  1. Email signature essentials - like any good marketing tool, use your logo, provide contact information and most importantly make sure it is designed and sized correctly for email format. Ensure that all of your contact details are listed and easy to read. Name, title, phone, address and email are essential in your signature.
  2. Length - don’t go overboard with the length of your email signature. Generally, the accepted number of lines for an email signature ranges from four to seven. Consolidating information into a single line can assist ie: T 07 3801 3800  | info@theprintgroupaust.com.au.
  3.  Design - remember that your emails are just another tool to market your business to your clients and prospects. Make sure that your branding is consistent on your email signature as to your website and other promotional items. Also ensure that any images or logos used are sized correctly, to avoid issues in viewing your details.
  4. Social media - including links to your social media outlets for your business is a great way to gain followers. Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Google Plus. Create another avenue for your customers and prospects to gain access to more information about your company.
  5. Promotional messages - using seasonal or promotional banners on your email signature is a great way to promote specials to your clients and prospects. It’s a great promotional tool and another effective way to communicate your brand to your market.
  6. Options - it’s good practice to include a longer email signature on your first email and a shorter version on your replied messages. It certainly makes it easier to read the content of emails when it’s not overcrowded with full email signatures showing in-between correspondence.
  7. Proof read - make sure you proof read your email signature and make sure that all links are working.
  8. Consistency - make sure that all staff in your business are using the same email signature. This should be common practice as it is just another way to ensure your brand is being represented to the market in a consistent manner.
Tags: branding, web, tips