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what is white space in design?

White space refers to the space left in between elements of your design. It is also often referred to as negative space, but don’t let the name worry you – it’s a good thing! It is essential for a balanced and harmonious layout and without it your design would look cluttered and overcrowded. While the term used is white space, it does not necessarily mean it is white. The space may be any colour or texture that represents the negative space in your design.

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project showcase: anti-copy security certificates with foil and emboss


As specialists in printing for the Education and Training Sector in Australia, The Print Group offer a variety of design and print features for your certificates to ensure they are secure and assist in your compliance requirements from ASQA.

Our in-house design team can custom design a certificate template for your RTO and in combination of one or more of the below features, will ensure that your certificates are secure.

The most common print features we recommend include:

- Intricate and unique designs
- Foiling
- Embossing
- Additional security features such as – anti-copy background, thermochromic ink, solvent reactive ink, security warning banks and microtext security lines.

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what is direct marketing?

Targeting your customers and prospects with a direct marketing mail out piece is an effective way to communicate and promote a product or service. In addition, personalising your direct mail is a great way to improve response rates to your mailed marketing piece.

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project showcase: cmp heat-sealed binders

The Print Group offer a variety of ring binder options for your next print project. We offer quality 4 ring insert or heat sealed binders in a variety of colours and sizes with the option of custom designed covers, spines and tabs. The most common sizes include 25mm, 38mm, 50mm and 65mm. We also offer a variety of tab divider configurations including 3, 4, 5 and 10 to view tab dividers being the most commonly requested.

The project showcase today is highlighting a recent project undertaken for CMP, who have opted for a heat sealed binder. The main difference between a standard insert binder and a heat sealed binder is that the insert binders have custom designed front cover and spine inserts only that can be removed if needed. The heat sealed binders have a custom designed front, back and spine inserts. The binder is custom made, heat sealing the covers into the binder. This offers added protection for the covers and also has the added feature of having a back cover.

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What does serif or sans serif mean?

A font can generally be classified as either Serif or Sans Serif. Serif fonts are recognizable by the small lines at the ends of the various strokes of a character. Times New Roman is an example of a common serif font. Sans Serif, or without serif, refers to typefaces without these lines. Helvetica and Arial are common Sans Serif typefaces.

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