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choosing the right paper


Choosing the right paper for your print project can make all the difference. The Print Group Australia use K.W Doggett Fine Paper as our primary supplier and they offer some great questions to get you thinking about what would work best for you:

  • What is the intended use for the final piece and how long does it need to last?
  • Is the perception of quality important to your audience?
  • What kind of printing process will you use?
  • What kind of images are you printing and how important is the contrast? The more important the contrast – the whiter the paper you need.
  • Is text show through a concern? The answer effects the opacity you need.
  • Are mailing costs a concern? Weigh a paper dummy, adding a bit more for ink to compare the mailing weight.
  • Do you or your client want to send an environmental message?
  • What is the deadline? Different papers dry at different speeds and can affect the turnaround time.
  • What is your budget? Paper usually accounts for up to 35% of total printing costs.

Talk to The Print Group Australia and we can provide advice on the best paper stock to use for your upcoming print job and can also provide samples of different stocks and weights to see what would work best for you.

Source: http://www.kwdoggett.com.au/resources/faqs/#faq-paper