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corporate annual report printing


Annual corporate reports offer comprehensive details about a company’s activities from the past year and provide shareholders and other interested parties information about a company’s activities and financial performance. Typically, shareholders receive a printed copy of the report and it should also be available online. As a valuable part of your business, annual corporate reports need to portray a high level of professionalism as they are not only offering valuable information about your company but also re-affirming your brand presence in the market. Ensuring that your report is well designed, easy to read and printed in high quality is also part of the overall package when offering this information about your company to shareholders.

The Print Group Australia offer a variety of paper stocks, binding and finishing options that will help showcase your corporate annual report in the best possible light. Should you also require design services, our in-house graphic design studio can design your report that will be sure to make an impressive statement. Our team can also create an e-publication version of your corporate annual report.

There are a number of options available for your corporate annual report and this will greatly depend on the quantity you would like printed, brand expectations and of your course your budget.

Paper Stock
Choosing the right paper for your corporate annual report can make all the difference. We provide advice on the best paper stock to use and can also provide samples of different stocks and weights. Whether you are looking for a high gloss, coated stock on a heavier weight paper, or wanting a more organic look with an uncoated textured stock, we can discuss options that would work best for you. Read more here about paper weight, gsm and what it all really means.

Binding Options
The Print Group Australia offer a variety of book and booklet printing services for your annual report. Read more about these binding options here.

Saddle-stitching - Saddle stitching is a very popular book binding method that is quite economical to design and print. With saddle stitching, folded sheets are gathered together and then stapled or "stitched" through the fold line with wire staples. For example, to create an A4 booklet, an A3 sheet is folded then stapled on the fold line to create the finished product.

Wire or coil binding - Should you prefer a wire, coil or spiral bound booklet, we can also offer print and finishing services for up to 480pp. Offered with or without clear acetate covers, cardboard backs and tabs, we can offer a variety of printing options for this type of booklet. For any booklet under 200pp, our square edge fold saddle stitched booklet offers a quality finish at a more economical price.

Perfect or PUR Binding - Perfect binding is where the book cover and pages are bound using an adhesive. All of the single pages are stacked together, then the edges are roughened, flattened, and attached inside the cover using an adhesive. Examples of this binding method are paperback books or magazines.

Finishing Options

Celloglaze - Available in both gloss and matt options, celloglazing offers a professional look and feel to the finished product by adhering a thin sheet of film using heat and pressure. It has a smooth, silky feeling and also offers added protection and durability to your print job that is very difficult to remove. Incorporating a celloglazed finish for the cover of your corporate annual report is a common option.

Spot UV - Spot UV illuminates selected text or design components of your print project that gleam and reflect light, giving your printed piece a subtle elegance that can be very effective.

Embossing/Debossing - Embossing and debossing creates a stunning graphic element to a printed piece by allowing designs to be raised or depressed into paper. Using heat and pressure, a metal plate containing a design, pattern or text is pressed into paper forming a raised image (debossing creates a lowered image).

Foiling - Foiling is a specialised technique where a thin film of foil is impressed onto a document using a heated die (or stamp). It creates elegant, eye-catching results that simply cannot be replicated using standard printing.

Your quantities and finishing options selected will determine if we print your report on our digital press or offset press. Both offer a high quality finished product and you can read more about the benefits of digital printing and offset printing on our website.

The Print Group Australia can also assist with additional corporate reports, marketing brochures and business stationery for your business.

Print your corporate annual report with The Print Group Australia and ensure your report reflects the professionalism of your company.

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