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envelope sizes and types explained


Envelopes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and paper stocks. Whether you are looking to match your business stationery suite with specialty paper stock or looking for a custom made size to suit your needs, the options are quite extensive. The standard range of sizes include DL, DLX, C4, C5, C6, plus many more.

Here we will look closely at the most common range of envelopes used in Australia. The “C Series” has been formulated to fit the “A Series” paper sizes, which we discuss further here. It is also quite a simple and logical system and we have included our envelope size chart below for your reference.

C6 envelope fits an A6 sheet, A5 sheet folded in half or A4 sheet folded into quarters.
C5 envelope fits an A5 sheet or A4 sheet folded in half
C4 envelope fits an A4 sheet, or A3 sheet folded in half
DL envelope fits an A4 sheet folded in thirds

So, a C4 envelope will fit an A4 size sheet, C5 for A5 and C6 for A6, and so on. The DL envelope is however, an exception to this rule.

DL stands for dimension lengthwise and is a common size for envelopes and promotional materials such as brochures and flyers. The "C Series" defines DL size to be 100mm × 210mm, which is also exactly a third the size of an A4. The DLX envelope is 120mm x 235mm, which is slightly larger than the DL envelope and is commonly used for mail outs as it fits more documents than the DL.

There are a variety of different stocks and finishes available for envelopes also. Most common envelopes types used in business stationery include plain face and window face with the option of using a secretive paper stock. The secretive paper has a pattern printed on the inside of the envelope, so the contents of the envelope cannot be read through the envelope if held up to the light. Sealed options include peel n seal, lick n stick and press seal.

Also offering a variety printed options from spot colour, full colour, reply paid and finishing options like foiling and embossing, can really offer a stand-out envelope for your business.

With so many options available, talk to The Print Group Australia today to discuss what would work best for you.

Envelope Size Guide