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project showcase: nsca

 ProjectShowcase TPG NSCA

The Print Group Australia work in a partnership with the National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA) in the print management of their nationwide training courses.

NSCA had a history of managing all of their training material in-house. With a dedicated print room, production room and staff, they managed all printing and dispatched from head office. After an in-depth cost analysis and engaging The Print Group Australia for pricing and customised print management solutions, the partnership between The Print Group Australia and NSCA began.
It offers a great example of understanding the true costs of printing in-house. Outsourcing the printing of training materials is a proven process to reduce in-house costs, and also takes advantage of outside expertise so you can focus on your core business area. (Read more here as we discuss this in further detail)

Graphic Design
The first step was to receive all of the content for the courseware. Ensuring a consistent brand image across all materials, refreshed covers were designed for all booklets and binders. In addition to updating all of the covers, new view to tabs were set-up for each binder. All content was gradually sent through, with artwork proofs approved by NSCA before they were officially print ready.

Online Order Portal
As NSCA have offices nationwide, an online order portal was created. The online portal offers multiple logins within the company and works very similar to a shopping cart system. Each state office have their own log-in and only courseware that is required by them is available for purchase. They can add and remove items from the shopping cart, add delivery addresses and be provided with a cost for their upcoming orders. Confirmation of orders are emailed direct to the person ordering and to The Print Group directly.

Order Processing & Pricing
The team at The Print Group Australia understand the challenges that training organisations face regarding constant courseware and legislation changes for training materials. Most businesses end up printing in-house because they simply can’t find a printer that will offer a cost-effective solution for their smaller print runs. We understand that limitations are often imposed by the print industry for ordering, so we have adapted and offer a unique print management system that truly offers a solution. Our unique Total Volume Pricing System looks at the “bigger picture” for your print needs. We will base our prices on overall volume over a yearly period vs. each individual print order and lock in a price per item regardless if you need 10 or 500 in an order. Print what you want, when you need it. Problem solved. Our print management system for training materials offers a flexibility not often seen in the print industry. (Read more here as we discuss this in further detail)

NSCA’s pricing is set-up using our Total Volume Pricing System. Each binder or booklet is offered a per unit price and they can order as little or as much as they need for each upcoming course. The advantage of this is that when legislation changes or courseware changes, we simply update our print files and there are no wasted materials sitting on the shelf.

Version Control
We offer version control services here at The Print Group Australia so only the very latest content will be sent to the print press. When legislation changes or content changes, we simply update our print files and archive all older versions.

Dispatch and delivery
Once we receive an order through the online portal, this is sent straight to the production queue for processing. We offer turnaround times of 5 -10 business days with an additional 2 – 3 days for courier delivery times. This allows room to move in our production schedule. With that said, we are always available to meet urgent orders as needed. Once an order is completed, they are packed and dispatched and delivered directly to the training location, nationwide. Our courier company offers email delivery notifications direct to NSCA so they can confirm that their order has been dispatched and given an approximate delivery date.

Here is what I client had to say about our service, "The Print Group Australia was able to offer us a highly effective and professional solution to cater for our high volume courseware requirements nationally. Since outsourcing our total print volume to The Print Group Australia, we have been able to streamline our administrative processes, allowing us to provide greater focus on our core business - providing quality training services." National Safety Council of Australia.