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using qr codes in your printing


A good marketing campaign uses all forms of communication and depending on what your message is will greatly determine what medium would work best for you. When printing marketing material such as brochures and posters, how do you get your customers or prospects attention, and most importantly, what call to action are you creating to engage and interact with them? The key is finding a way to benefit from print, while also using the power of technology. QR Codes may be your answer.

Using QR Codes in your printed materials is becoming a commonly used practice among businesses. QR Codes can be scanned with your phone and then link customers or prospects to digital content on the web. The ability to direct people to further information regarding your product using a QR code is very useful for both businesses and consumers and is hailed for generating an immediate response from your audience.

QR codes are small black-and-white squares which appear on your printed materials and can be scanned using a smartphone. You can link the QR code to any additional information you want to share. Whether it’s to your website or a downloadable pdf, video, discount voucher, the options are endless and can be customised to offer very specific information depending on your needs. For example you are planning a conference in a large exhibition hall. You can use QR codes on your posters to provide contact details, directions or sign up instructions for competitions. The list is only as limited as your imagination. The key is to encourage user interaction though, so being clear as to why they need to scan the code, will definitely improve scanning rates.

The great thing about QR codes is that they can also track leads, visitor engagement and much more. They can also be updated at any time. This is great for businesses that want to advertise, yet change the link to suit their needs i.e. A retail outlet can update which product this week is on sale, a music venue can update which band is playing this week, a conference event can change the meeting room if needed and so on.

QR codes offer the benefits of technology on your printed marketing material – offering the best of both worlds. Contact the team at The Print Group Australia today to see how we can assist in using QR codes on your printed material.