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get productive with paper in the workplace


2020 has well and truly kicked off and after a busy Christmas and New Year break, your back to work and/or back to school routine has definitely set in. Now we may be a little biased here at The Print Group Australia, but we do love all things paper! This includes our love of stationery, to do lists, planners and anything that helps feel like you are getting your work and life organised! Our friends at Two Sides have recently written a blog about getting productive with paper and when we read this, we just had to share.

In their article titled “Get Productive with Paper”, they discuss how digital technology in the workplace can lead to digital fatigue. They state that “A new survey has revealed that more than half of office professionals are suffering from digital overload, with 62% saying that digital tools are making their teams unfocused and inefficient in meetings. The survey, titled the Workplace Productivity Report, also found that over half feel that screen overload is making them less productive.”(1)

When participants were asked about their use of paper in the workplace, “60% of the respondents said that they specifically use paper to make themselves more productive, while 96% prefer to work with paper copies of information as opposed to the digital version. The report concluded that workers need a strong balance of analogue and digital in the office for focus and productivity”. (1)

It is believed the increase in productivity when working with paper is because when you read print from paper, the mind becomes fully engaged – the same neurological reasons why students learn better from textbooks vs on screen content. The article states that “51% of office workers still jot their ideas down in a notebook and 63% prefer to use paper to collaborate with colleagues and spark creativity”. (1)

Are you looking to be more productive in the workplace? If so, then we think pen and paper is your answer!

Here are Two Sides Australia’s five steps to get productive with paper:

  1. Make a daily to do list
  2. Take a notebook to meetings
  3. Use sticky notes for the big picture
  4. Use a traditional work diary
  5. Prepare for presentations on paper

To read more about their five steps you can ready further here (1): https://www.twosides.info/UK/get-productive-with-paper/