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know the true cost of printing training materials in-house


Many training organisations print their training materials in-house in the belief that this is the only cost effective option available to them. Today we will discuss how an in-house cost analysis of printing your training material will help you understand the value of outsourcing and that printing in-house may be costing your business much more than you realise.

A detailed cost analysis of any particular function within your business is always a good start to understanding true costs. For training organisations, a cost analysis of printing your training materials is important.

Here are some examples of what to consider in your cost analysis:

  • Yearly cost to lease your machine
  • Cost for paper and toner
  • Cost of binding machines and binding material
  • Staff wages to print, bind and deal with issues
  • Delivery and logistic costs

The most overlooked cost of printing in-house is the time involved. The cost to re-stock paper, fix errors on the machine, clear the print tray, then the punching and binding. More often than not, it is not only more convenient but also more cost effective to outsource the printing of your training materials.

Here is a quick guide we can offer that will assist in allocating a per item cost which you can then directly compare to the quote received from a print company. This was a direct example from a client with the click rates, paper, supply and labour costs and will certainly vary from client to client. The client was printing 60 training booklets for an upcoming course, then binding them with coil and clear covers. 

 TPG CostAnalysis Table

This above guide shows that the approximate cost for the client to print their training book in-house was $23.26 per book and that still hasn’t accounted for labour costs to print and bind in-house. The price offered by The Print Group Australia, was $17.10 per book.

It offers a reminder that it can cost your business more than what it seems when printing in-house.

Our print management system for training materials offers a flexibility not often seen in the print industry. The team at The Print Group Australia understand the challenges that training organisations face and the limitations often imposed by the print industry for ordering, so we have adapted and offered a unique print management system that truly offers a solution.

Our unique Total Volume Pricing System locks in a per booklet/binder price for you by basing the price over total possible volume over the year. Then you can print just what you need, when you need it. No need to print large volumes at once to get the best price and no wasted material on the shelf that is outdated. Benefit from the large volume price on small print runs.

Contact The Print Group Australia today and see why so many education and training organisations trust us with their print needs.