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new study finds Australians prefer print


Two Sides Australia is an organisation whose goal is to promote “the sustainability of the graphic communications industry and dispel common environmental misconceptions by providing users with verifiable information on why print and paper is an attractive, practical and sustainable communications medium” (1). They recently commissioned an international study in June, 2017 which surveyed 10,700 people from 10 countries. One of these countries was Australia and their report “Print and Paper in a Digital World – An Australian survey of consumer preferences, attitudes and trust” offers some interesting insight into what Australians really think about print.

It is also important to note that the survey collected responses from 1,030 Australians, with individuals that work in the printing, paper, or like industries were excluded from the survey.

The report explored in further detail:

“Consumer reading preferences and reading frequency for different forms of communication channels
• Consumer trust in and understanding in news media channels
• Consumer attitudes towards advertising and marketing communication channels
• Consumer attitudes towards the drive to all digital-based communications”.(2)

In today’s digital society, there is no denying that customers have access to more information than ever before and whether paper and print still have a place in society seems to be under constant review and scrutiny. The survey really offers some perspective as to how the general public think about this topic.

Key findings of the survey include:
“72% of Australians prefer to read books and magazines in print and 56% prefer to read news in print
• 72% of Australians do not pay attention to online advertisements
• 67% agreed reading a printed magazine and 68% agreed reading a printed book is more enjoyable than reading one on an electronic device
• 67% agreed they find online advertisements annoying
• 66% agreed that it’s important to “switch off” and enjoy printed books and magazines
• 63% prefer to read product catalogues in print
• 61% gain a deeper understanding of the story when read from print media
• 52% are concerned the overuse of electronic devices could be damaging to health (eyestrain, sleep deprivation, headaches)
• 47% read a printed book at least once a week while only 24% use an e-reader” (2)

The report further investigates reading preferences, reading frequency, digital overload, understanding, trust and attitudes towards new media and attitudes towards advertising and marketing communications.

In summary, the survey proved that paper and print are a trusted source of information that gives readers a deeper understanding of the story compared to their digital devices. The findings also highlight the value of paper and print to consumers and that organisations should consider print to assist in developing consumer trust and connection.

Make sure you take the time to read the survey – it really is an interesting read.

(1) http://twosides.org.au/survey2017
(2) http://twosides.org.au/includes/files/upload/files/TwoSides_Australian_TolunaSurvey2017_WEB%281%29.pdf