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new survey reveals Australians and New Zealanders prefer print


In today’s digital era, the way consumers have access to information is ever changing, whether via print, digital devices, televisions, newspapers, radios – and companies struggle to decide on which channel is the best for engaging consumers. Companies are making decisions to move towards a digital or “paper free” workplace with environmental benefits cited as the deciding factor behind the change, where the key driver is often cost reduction towards the bottom line.

Our friends at Two Sides Australia recently undertook a recent global survey of over 7000 recipients to provide an insight into their perception of the environmental impacts of paper and print. This survey really offers a great insight into how consumers view the environmental impacts of digital versus paper-based communications and how they perceive and use paper in their everyday lives.

Conducted in July 2016, their report “The Attractiveness and Sustainability of Paper and Print”, was surveyed in: Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Brazil, Europe - Austria, Italy and Spain, North America and the United Kingdom.

The aim of the survey was to explore:

- “Consumer attitudes towards environmental claims by business,
- The move towards online billing and statements,
- Consumer views about paper and print and its sustainable origins, including forest management, environmental characteristics and recycling rates, and
- Consumer views about the credibility of information regarding the environmental friendliness of paper and print.”


A few of the key findings in the survey included that:

“Go paperless - go green” claims are questioned by many with:
- 83% of Australians and 80% of New Zealanders receiving environmental claims like; “Go Paperless – Go Green”, or “Go Paperless – Save trees”, or “Get your bills on line - it’s better for the environment” believe companies are seeking to save costs.

Many people need a paper option and don’t want to be forced into “digital only” with:
- 76% of Australians and 72% of New Zealanders are unhappy if asked to pay a premium for paper bills and statements,
- 69% of Australians and 63% of New Zealanders want the option to continue receiving printed information as it provides a permanent record for important documents.

Consumers see print and paper as sustainable:
- 88% of Australians and 91% of New Zealanders agreed that, when responsibly produced, used and recycled, print and paper is a sustainable way to communicate.

Paper and print is the preferred communication channel:
- 74% of Australians and 78% of New Zealanders prefer reading print on paper than from a screen, and
- 71% of Australians and New Zealanders enjoy the tactile experience of paper and print.”

The findings from the survey conclude “that consumers prefer to read from paper than from screens, appreciating the tactile nature of paper. Consumers also fundamentally believe that when sourced from sustainably managed forests, paper and print remains a sustainable way to communicate.”

The full report can be viewed on Two Sides Australia’s website - http://twosides.org.au/download/TwoSidesConsumerSurvey.pdf

Source: http://twosides.org.au/AUS/Aussies-and-Kiwis-Prefer-Paper