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project showcase - formula student certificates

Formula Student

The Print Group Australia recently worked with RTO – Formula Student on the design and print of their certificates. After consultation with the team, The Print Group Australia offered multiple design proofs for the client to review. The certificate was printed on 160gsm systems board with a custom designed gold foil and embossed seal. Incorporated in the document also included a custom printed watermark, micro text signature line, AQF and NRT logos and the customers contact information and RTO code.

Custom designed foiled and embossed seals are a great way to make your certificate unique to your RTO. Sealed into the paper stock, they cannot be removed and when photocopied or scanned, will show as black. The embossed feature in the seal also adds extra security.Foiling is a specialised technique whereby a thin film of metallic or foil is impressed onto a document using a die (or stamp). Embossing is when you create an impression or imprint on the surface of your printed piece in the shape or form of a design, decoration, pattern or logo and raises the surface of the finished product. The foiling and embossing are difficult to replicate and both cannot be easily photocopied or scanned.

The customised micro text signature line is also a great way to add additional security into the document. It is simply a line printed with whatever text you like and is used as a signature line when authorising or issuing the certificates. Some customers have their rto number on repeat, others their business name. At face value, it looks like a line but when viewed with a magnifying glass you can read the text. If photocopied or scanned, it will blur.

The Print Group Australia can offer a variety of security features for your RTO. For more information read our blogs and additional project showcases: