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students, learning and the benefits of pen on paper


The Print Group Australia specialise in printing training materials for the Education and Training sector in Australia. Looking closer at the learning options available to students in both primary, secondary and tertiary education there is a widely debated topic regarding the benefit of online learning and classroom learning.

In the fast moving pace of this digital era, it’s important to maintain a balance between these two learning environments. There are a number of factors to consider when determining to move to an online learning forum as there are many valuable applications of digital learning. The market you are targeting and the type of content you are teaching are key items to consider here. We would like to touch base on the benefits of the classroom learning environment and directly, the benefits of using pen and paper for learning.

The benefits of writing by hand has been a widely discussed topic. Whilst technology has greatly affected the way people interact and study, there is nothing like writing by hand that strengthens the learning process. The more that students write their notes, the more they will learn and retain new information.

Here are 5 main benefits of writing by hand:

  • It’s better for learning – writing notes by hand is one of the most effective ways to study and retain new information.
  • It prevents you from being distracted - technology can be very distracting. The simplicity of pen on paper is a great way to keep you focused on the task at hand.
  • It keeps your brain sharp as you get older – writing actually uses more of your brain. The act of writing engages motor-skills, memory and is a good cognitive exercise.
  • It inspires creativity – taking a pen to paper is a slower process than typing on the keyboard, therefore inspires the creative process.
  • It improves memory – for classroom learning, using your laptop would be quicker, but writing notes by hand actually helps you better remember the notes you take. Writing something by hand has a longer-lasting effect on memory.

Twosides Australia discuss this very topic in one of their recent blogs titled, "Print and paper play a key role in learning and literacy", stating “Several studies on the outcomes of reading and studying on paper versus digital from the United States and South Korea have been conducted. The results show that 60 out of 66 students preferred paper to a computer when studying and that using paper for note-taking improved the quality of student reports [2]. Moreover, 54% of students reported that print textbooks provided better learning outcomes than electronic texts [3], with students who read print books showing better reading comprehension [4].

In the end, from handwriting and reading, to comprehension and retention—print and paper deliver proven benefits and continue to play an essential role in education and development.” [1].

While technology certainly has a place in society, writing on paper is very beneficial for learning and memory retention. It certainly maintains its place as a valuable learning tool in the classroom.

The Print Group Australia offer a variety of booklet printing for your training materials. In addition to our booklet printing, we also offer a variety of additional products for training including notepads, certificate paper and ring binders with tabs. Contact us today to see why so many education and training organisations trust us with their print needs.

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