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what does gloss, matt, silk or uncoated paper mean?


Knowing the paper stock that you will use in your next print project is important as ultimately it will determine the final look and feel of your printed piece.

Uncoated Paper
During the paper manufacturing process, all paper will start out uncoated. Uncoated paper has a porous surface so is quite absorbent. What this means is that when printed on, it will soak up the ink more compared to a coated stock. This style of paper is often referred to as bond and is used for printed materials that need to be written on. Items such as notepads, letterheads, envelopes, writing books and student training manuals, to name a few. It offers quite a natural or organic look for your printed piece. As the ink is absorbed more in the paper, colours will look different compared to coated paper stocks.

Coated Paper
Coated paper is just that. Uncoated stock that then has a gloss, matt or silk coating applied during the manufactured process. When the paper is coated, it creates a less porous service which means the ink stays on the surface of the paper offering a brighter and smoother finish. This type of paper is often used for flyers, brochures, booklet covers, presentation folders and business cards – to name a few.

Gloss, matt or silk coated paper is not to be confused with a cello glaze. A gloss or matt cello glaze, often referred to as cello, is different to a gloss or matt coated stock, in that it is added to paper after your project has been printed by adhering a thin sheet of film using heat and pressure. It has a silky smooth finish and offers added production and durability to your print job that is very difficult to remove. Matt cello is non-reflective and gloss cello offers a clear, high shiny finish.

The Print Group Australia offer a variety of uncoated or coated paper stock in a variety of paper weights (gsm) for your next print project. Talk to us about your ideas for your next print project and we can offer recommendations and also provide paper samples for review.