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what is a press check?


A press check offers an opportunity to view your print job as it comes off the printing machine and is typically used to proof and confirm colour accuracy of your job. The press is typically set-up and ready to go with your project but before starting, the press operator will print out a few sheets to review before proceeding with the print run.

It’s important to note that press checks are to confirm colour accuracy and are not the stage to be proofreading as any changes to the artwork will incur additional set-up costs. Therefore, press checks are best scheduled after final sign-off when layout and type have been proofread and approved for print.

If you have had problems with achieving consistent colours with your logo or brand colours in the past, you definitely need to read further in our blog titled – colour variances in printing. If you have your set colours and your artwork is correct, then a press check is the final step to ensure you are getting the colour you want.

The main goal of a press check is to make sure that the colour on press comes as close as possible to the colours selected on the artwork. Small adjustments can be made on the press to better match your expectations and improve the quality of the job.

Print is a manufactured process, so sometimes an exact match can be difficult due to differences in the printing process, paper stock and so on. Most printers will have an acceptable level of colour variance when they print a job, so be aware that slight variations are common and unavoidable.

How to prepare for a press check:

  • Bring along the latest revision of the colour proofs. If you’re trying to match other printed publications, bring those along.
  • If following a strict corporate style guide, bring it along.
  • Ensure a swatch book is available, especially if printing in spot colour.
  • Make sure you get to the printer on time! Remember, the job is ready to go on the press, so any delays can ultimately delay the production schedule of your job.

The Print Group Australia offer a variety of tips and advice to ensure your print files are ready. View our additional blogs on checking your print proof, rgb, cmyk and spot colours and colour variances in printing.