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what is embossing and debossing?


Embossing and debossing creates a stunning graphic element to a printed piece by allowing designs to be raised or depressed into paper. Using heat and pressure, a metal plate containing a design, pattern or text is pressed into paper forming a raised image (or Debossing creates a lowered image).

The technique is often used in combination with foil stamping and alters the surface of the paper stock by offering a three dimensional or raised effect on selected areas.

Technical Process
Embossing and Debossing involves the use of two metal dies of which fit into one another. One has a raised surface and the other is recessed into it. When a paper sheet is placed between the two dies then applied with heat and pressure, the paper fibers permanently re-shape to the intended design.

Offering an elegant and sophisticated look to your printed piece, Embossing is used to impress and is often used on print pieces such as certificates, invitations, business cards, presentation folders and brochure covers. When used in combination with foiling or spot UV, it can create a stunning visual effect.

Blind Embossing
Blind Embossing is when a design is embossed without using any printing or foiling in the design. Instead of ink or foil, the embossed area creates the text or design on the paper.
If you are wanting to make a statement with your next printed piece, then embossing offers a unique and quality finish that stands out from the crowd.

Call the team at The Print Group Australia to discuss how we can apply this beautiful technique to your next print project.

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