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why blogging helps your business


Business blogging is one of the most valuable tools for any business to not only engage with their customers and prospects but to generate leads. It offers an opportunity to build your brand, educate and inspire your customers and creates free PR! There are so many benefits of blogging for your business and we will look at the top 4 reasons today:

Drives business to your website
Posting new and regular blog posts on your website, offers an opportunity for your business to receive better rankings in search engines results. This in turn results in more visits to your website. It’s also one more cue to Google and other search engines that your website is active.

When a prospect is searching for a product, unless they already know who you are, they are typically not searching your business name. Writing blogs that answer the questions or discuss in detail the product or services that your prospects are looking for, are going show in search engines and guide people to your website.

Helps with social media presence
Blogging also assists with your social media presence. Every time you write a blog post, your content can be shared on social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ - which offers another avenue for people to discover your business and again, drive new business to your website. Strengthen your social reach by using your large information bank of blog content on social media.

Establishes authority
Great blogs answer common questions their customers or prospects are asking. Consistently offering content to your target market that is informative and helpful, the more authority you will have in their eyes. If prospects are finding answers to their questions from a blog post written from your company, they are much more likely to do business with you and trust what you have to say.

Offers long-term results
While posting and writing blogs may only get a few hundred hits the first week, the good news is, the numbers will always go up. For months and years, your blog posts will show in search engines until, some sooner than others, are ranked as the leading authority on Google. Once your blog is ranking in search engines, you will always continue to get traffic and leads from your post!

Business blogging is a fun and inspiring outlet for you to share your expertise with your customers and prospects. By genuinely offering solid advice and valuable information you inevitably position your business as an industry leader in your field. Include business blogging to your overall marketing strategy and see how this often overlooked marketing outlet can help your business.