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the infamous DL flyer... 1/3 of an A4 we mean!

DL Flyersx3

The term DL Flyer is used often in the Printing Industry, but we find it is an in-accurate and often confusing term when it comes to the printing of flyers. The term DL actually refers to the DL Envelope size which is 110mm x 220mm.

So typically, when people say they want a DL Flyer, they actually need a flyer that will insert into a DL Envelope. The correct term for this is 1/3 of an A4 which is 99mm x 210mm. Each paper size typically has a corresponding envelope size ie: A4 fits a C4 Envelope an A5 fits a C5 Envelope yet a DL envelope has no official corresponding paper size? So next time you need a "DL" flyer, if you state you need a 1/3 of an A4, you will typically get the size you need!

What are your thoughts on the issue – should there be a better way to name the most commonly misused term in the printing industry?